The Ablitt House

Jeff Shelton Architect

Where less is more and small is beautiful

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This residence sits on a 20 by 20 square foot lot in the heart of Old Town Santa Barbara. The genius behind the project is local architect Jeff Shelton - who designs the impossible - and contractor extraordinarine, Dan Upton, who builds the impossible. Both the architect and the contractor had complete design control over the project and what they ended up with was a work of art. Constructed exclusively of poured concrete it consists of 800,000 pounds of concrete and 4 1/4 miles or rebar rising 53 feet above ground level and sitting on nine caissons extending 44 feet into the ground. The interior consists of award winning tile designs, a 108 foot long black walnut hand rail, key-hole window designs, multiple stone carvings and more representing the work of six local artists. The house is a must see and is open on occasion for public tours. It's the owners way of thanking the community for their support in getting this work of art through the system.

Wedding in the Sky

Thank you,

This local on line news source wrote the nicest article on mom and dad's little house. In fact it was so nice I thought maybe grandma wrote it. Anyway, if you want you can read it by going to and entering Ablitt House. It also includes a virtual tour of the interior. Or you can simply go to, enter Ablitt House, and start the tour directly. Finally we're told HGTV will be featuring the house in their new series, Extreme Living, sometime in July – but they didn't give us an exact time and date.

Kind of neat when you consider the house only occupies 361
square feet of downtown Santa Barbara real estate.

Ablitt House, Santa Barbara

Photography by Andrea Adelman


All photos copyright Andrea Adelman. (617) 280-9721.

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